Summer has arrived!!!

And with it so do our skirts, shorts and sun-dresses

To maximize the beauty of your legs after the long winter months we must not forget to pamper them with specialized beauty regimes like Acorelle certified organic waxing products. Acorelle offers a perfect 3 stage routine to feel healthy and beautiful.

Step 1

Start by a soft exfoliation of the dull layer with a lemon and apricot pit extract formula to leave your skin soft and silky. This is the perfect prep for waxing!

Step 2

Continue with the wax formula that best suites you. Acorelle has two option:

  • Our waxing strips enriched with Aloe Vera and bees wax that convenes even to the most sensitive of skins
  • Our oriental sugar wax with a delicate perfume of Ylang

These waxes are easy to rinse under tepid water and respect the sensitivity of your skin thanks to their low heat formulas. To learn more Watch our videos

Step 3

Finish your beauty routine by hydrating your skin with our SOS oil that will appease, prepare and protect your skin to avoid any discomfort or irritation that sometimes comes along with waxing.
To prolong the time between waxing sessions and to ensure smoothness for as long as possible you can also opt for a product that minimizes regrowth of the hair. Along with hydrating your skin our formula keeps the hair from growing quickly with it’s essence of black truffle from the Perigord region in France.

Your routine is now complete and you can enjoy the sunny summer months with beautiful and healthy legs! See our Waxing Products

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