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Which is the best method of hair removal for me?

  • If you want lasting results, then choose a method that removes the hair at the roots (cold wax strips, oriental wax or resin-based wax). This will give you great results that last for 3 weeks.
  • If you want a particularly safe method, choose the Oriental Wax. It can be rinsed off with water so there is less risk of getting it wrong.
  • If you want a really professional result, even on short hairs, then choose a resin-based wax such as our Cire Royal™.
  • If you are on holiday or in a hurry, choose the Cold Wax Strips. These are very practical as they are easily transportable and you simply peel them off for perfect results.
  • If you are very sensitive to pain, then it is better to use the Hair Removal Cream. Its chemical action ensures pain-free hair removal. Your skin is smooth and soft in just 2 minutes.

How do I avoid ingrown hairs?

  • Use the Stimulating Body Scrub the day before depilating and also once or twice a week.
  • Moisturize your skin every day with the Silky Oil.
  • Use the Ingrown Hair Treatment for a week to ten days after hair removal.

How do I delay regrowth?

Use the moisturizing Hair Growth Inhibitor every day. It contains black truffle extract, which is well-known for its power to slow down hair regrowth via enzymes which increase the penetration of the active agents. This ensures slower regrowth and hairs are finer and sparser.

How can I make hair removal less painful?

  • Stretch the area of skin being treated then sharply pull off the strip parallel to the skin.
  • Press down on the treated area with the palm of the hand.
  • Make sure hairs are long enough to be removed (2 to 3 mm for the Cire Royal™, 3 to 4 mm for Cold Wax Strips and Oriental Wax).

Which wax should I use on which areas?

For underarms, bikini line and face: use a resin-based wax that is effective on short hairs. For finer hairs on the legs use Oriental Wax or Cold Wax Strips. For the face, use the Oriental Wax for Face and Touch-Ups or Cold Wax Strips for Face.

How should I prepare my skin for hair removal?

It is necessary to prepare your skin before depilation so that the hair can be removed more easily and you are left with long-lasting results. Begin by using the Stimulating Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and expose any hairs that may be nestling under the skin. Ideally, you should also cleanse the area to be treated with the Ingrown Hair Treatment. However, you should not apply body lotion or oil as this will prevent the wax from sticking to your skin. You can pat a little talc onto the area to be treated so that the wax adheres to the hairs rather than to the skin, particularly in sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line.

Which is the best method for a first attempt at hair removal?

For underarms, bikini line and face: use a resin-based wax that is effective on short hairs. For finer hairs on the legs use Oriental Wax or Cold Wax Strips. For the face, use the Oriental Wax for Face and Touch-Ups or Cold Wax Strips for Face.

What precautions should I take after depilation?

The post-depilation phase is as important as the depilation itself. It is quite normal to experience some redness immediately after hair removal, so it is wise to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. You should also avoid exfoliating your skin as this may cause irritation. Make sure you moisturise well with the post-depilation oil that is supplied with the Cold Wax Strips, or use the Silky Oil. This is the ideal time to use the Hair Growth Inhibitor moisturising lotion to hydrate your skin and slow down regrowth.

I have a few hairs on my upper lip but I don't want to remove them. What should I do?

The Bleaching Cream is the perfect solution for camouflaging light hair growth on your upper lip, chin, thighs, etc.

My skin is very sensitive and reactive – which hair removal product should I use?

All Acorelle products are formulated and tested to be suitable for sensitive skin. Their formulas are 100% natural and contain no parabens, colorants or artificial preservatives, so they are suitable for the most sensitive and reactive of skin types. Our strips are hypoallergenic and our bleaching and hair removal creams are 65% natural. They are enriched with 3 oils to minimize irritation.

I have problems with my circulation, which is the best hair removal method for me?

If you have circulatory problems, it is not advisable for your legs to be in contact with any source of heat – so you should not use hot wax. Choose cold wax strips or depilatory creams. Oriental waxes use a low temperature so they are suitable for skin that is sensitive to heat.

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