Why Natural Deodorants Are Best While Breastfeeding

natural deodorant

Natural deodorant a better choice.
Why are deodorants a potential hazard for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Welcoming a newborn is always one of the best events in our lives. But it is the perfect moment to rethink your beauty routines. If all our daily habits impact us, they impact our loved ones, in particular our little ones. As babies are more fragile and sensitive than adults, it should be a priority to adopt healthy habits; the faster the better!

Quick fact:
One of the three main functions of the skin is the protection of our body. But the skin is not supposed to protect from all external elements and it can absorb toxic or allergenic substances. Concerning, isn’t it?

Why deodorants are a concern while breastfeeding?

The underarm skin is thin, sensitive and this zone of our body is home to many different nerves and lymph nodes. So many kinds of chemical substances like the aluminum compounds found in deodorants can be absorbed easily and can be harmful.
Synthetic aluminum salts used in the cosmetic industry (aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum chloride) cause an obstruction of the sweat gland ducts, blocking the natural perspiration mechanism. Aluminum molecules are so small they are absorbed by our body reaching quickly our blood circulatory system and the breastfeeding maternal metabolism. So, while breastfeeding, all substances, good or bad, are transmitted to our babies. Unhealthy ingredients should be avoided to preserve our children’s health.

What else?

Research shows newborns have a very sensitive sense of smell. It is one of the principal ways they recognize their mother and your smell will be reassuring to your baby. The use of multiple perfumes and different scents may be confusing for your little one. While breastfeeding, your baby is in direct contact with you. These skin-to-skin moments are essentials for mother-baby bonding. And at that time, his little nose is a few inches from your armpit. Remember that a healthy baby is a reassured baby by his mom’s smell, away from toxic substances.

One last detail?

Spray deodorants can be another issue for your baby as the chemicals particles are not sprayed only on your armpits but on your skin and your breast, directly in contact with your baby’s head and mouth.

What are the best solutions?

The first obvious option is to avoid any kind of deodorants while breastfeeding, staying away from spray format and considering natural products. If you really need to use a deodorant, it is a good habit to check the list of ingredients. Most of the products found in supermarkets often contain several unhealthy substances, aluminum salts being just one of them. To avoid any risk, products using baking soda are a safer option. This ingredient has deodorant capabilities absorbing the sweat and blocking unpleasant odors.

What about the alum stick?

Alum can be synthetic or natural. As you can guess, these two options have different consequences on our metabolism. The synthetic option (ammonium alum) is fairly similar to the synthetic aluminum salts bringing the same issues. The natural one (potassium alum) is commonly used as an astringent and antiseptic. The size of its molecules being important compared to the synthetic one, it does not penetrate under the skin and can be eliminated by the sweat or washed away in the shower.


Whatever the type of deodorant you choose, the ones without essential oils or with a limited amount of perfume and certified organic are the safer solutions for your daily routines, in particular during the breastfeeding period. With ingredients like baking soda or natural alum or no deodorant at all, you have now all the information to decide which option fits the best your needs. Acorelle perfume roll on being one of them, obviously 😉

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