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Today consumers favoring natural products are searching for an effective deodorant but are forced to turn to alum stone, the only ingredient thus far that guarantees a long lasting result. The problem with alum stone is that it is often mixed with synthetic aluminum particles that have become a controversial ingredient for our health in many deodorants. Alternatively, natural deodorants composed of essential oils or perfumes are often times ineffective. To remedy this, Acorelle is launching a range of 4 deodorant sticks that are Cosmos Organic certified (a new and very strict European label) and are the perfect alternative to alum stone. Acorelle has chosen sodium bicarbonate as their active ingredient, which has been known and recognized for centuries for its perspiration regulation properties (it is featured in many homemade antiperspirant recipes). Sodium bicarbonate is very fine and non-abrasive and our recipe mixes it with rich vegetal butter (karate and sale), coconut oil and absorbent powders to create a non-greasy and effective final product. The Acorelle deodorant balms are solid sticks that melt delicately thanks to body heat. They can also be passed under running water before use for an even silkier texture! These deodorants were tested by an independent laboratory that confirms their 24hr effectiveness. Organic, effective, and 100% natural! Get yours today.

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4 innovative formulas and scents

To satisfy a full range of consumers Acorelle has created 4 different formulas with the help of varying organic essential oils:

  • A citrus fresh unisex aroma with Lemon and Green Mandarin
  • A sunny and floral feminine aroma with Ylang-Ylang and Palmarosa
  • A distinctive and masculine aroma with Juniper and Mint
  • And an odorless formula for pregnant women or those intolerant of essential oils

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