Orgue à Parfums: 9 natural fragrances in a sample pack

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An opportunity to discover new natural fragrances

You will soon discover our new Orgue à Parfums product, a sample pack with 9 natural fragrances which is the opportunity to try all our most popular perfumes. Acorelle is a pioneer in creating unique fragrances based on the principles of olfactology, a branch of aromatherapy that uses the power of the aromas of essential oils to affect the emotions and provide an improved sense of day-to-day well-being. Each Acorelle scent is balanced and harmonious, built up around the top, middle and base notes and containing a special mix of essential oils. Their combined active ingredients separate the scents into three main families that adapt to your everyday need (See the list below).
With the combination of essential oils and plant extracts, we have created a wide variety of fragrances. You may have adopted one or several of our products that you love. Today, Acorelle gives you the possibility to try all our fragrances as the Orgue à Parfums is a product composed of 9 sample bottles with all our customer’s favorite scents. If you are new to Acorelle, this sample pack is the perfect opportunity to try and to find the perfume which suits best your need.
From the beginning, Acorelle has created 100% natural fragrances respectful of your skin and the environment. Our perfumes are certified organic and they are all made with sustainability and fair trade in mind. All our products are manufactured entirely within our own factory in France. They are vegan, cruelty-free and organic.

See Our New Sample Pack – $19.00

Here is the list of the 9 scents included in the sample pack:

Energizing: Pure Patchouli, Tea garden, Land of Cedar
Balancing: Silky Rose, Vanilla Blossom, Absolute Tiare
Soothing: Divine Orchid, Lotus Dream, Neroli Infusion.

Quick French Lesson:
But what means Orgues à Parfums !!? Well, we did not try to translate this one. At the end of the day, it is a sample pack with the choice of 9 fragrances. Parfums is the obvious part. The spelling is close to Perfumes and it is a widely used term. Orgue is trickier. The perfect translation is Organ, the musical instrument with tuned pipes. In France, it is used in music as well, but because an organ is composed of many keys and pipes of different sizes, we use sometimes the term to describe something with a variety of choices.

Acorelle Products Tip Sheet
Acorelle team has crafted a range of fragrances based on the principles of olfactology
Download Tip Sheet (.pdf – 1Mb)

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  • Hello! What a great idea to create a sample pack. When is it going to be available to order please? I am looking forward to testing out all the fragrances. Have a great day!

    • Alie,
      Thank you for the feedback. We will add you to our list if you have not subscribed yet and you should receive an email in a few weeks to let you know the product is available.

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