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November marks the beginning of the holiday season! And before you know it, Christmas will be here. Holiday aromas will be everywhere. We all know about the everyday power of scent: how a particular perfume reminds you of your mother or a season. Unfortunately, the smell of a holiday often means artificial candles and chemicals to produce those intoxicating aromas. But today, natural ingredients and essential oils can be used to recreate these scents and to reduce the toxicity. Acorelle offers a large selection of products 100% organic and all-natural, free from all harmful synthetic chemicals. Our perfumes are the perfect picks for Christmas gifting; to treat yourself or your loved ones. Each of Acorelle’s certified organic perfumes has a different effect. Land of Cedar and its hearty notes of cedar and bergamot supports strength and courage. Vanilla Blossom with essential oils of Peru balsam and patchouli create a sense of comfort and reassurance. Tea Garden enhances alertness and vitality with its refreshing notes of lemon and cedar. Discover which one is the right scent for your personality. In addition, Acorelle’s products come in various sizes and packagings; Making the perfume roll-on bottle especially handy for your holiday travels. For the holiday season, Acorelle offers FREE Shipping on orders of $60 and more. Enjoy!

Acorelles’s 100% Natural Products:

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