Régis Lelong


“Acorelle is a young brand, committed to respecting the health of our customers and our environment for the last 10 years. As we grow, we remain focused on our values and principles: the use of natural and sustainable ingredients, innovative formulas, skin and body protection for you and your entire family, and protection for the world we all share. Thank you for your trust.”

Regis Lelong ,52, has always been influenced by Japan where he spent the first four years of his professional life. A happy father of four children, he worked during 14 years in different Asian and North European countries for a large French cosmetic group.He then joined as COO a british company where tradition, naturality and medicinal plants were at the heart of the brand’s identity .Fascinated by these new values and being a frantic gardener himself, Regis lelong created in 2006 ,with his japanese wife Sachiko, the Odysud Laboratory and its iconic brand Acorelle. In the heart of South West France, in Agen, the Acorelle team is working day after day to reconcile drastic requirements of the cosmetic industry with the love of plants, essences and natural ingredients . Ten Years has now passed and Acorelle is proud to have become a new reference in the natural world of cosmetic .